Frequently asked questions


Just how good are your instruments? 

Very good. We offer a 100% refund if you are not entirely satisfied for any reason whatsoever.


My child wants to learn to play the clarinet.  What happens if he/she stops playing?  What will my instrument be worth?

•We offer a buyback scheme for new starters on student models so you don't lose out if your son or daughter stops playing. If you buy a Hanson clarinet directly from us we will buy it back for the price paid less £15 for each month of use.  If all goes well and you need to upgrade we offer 100% part exchange so your investment in a quality instrument worthwhile for years to come.


What does your 5 year warranty cover?

•All parts, materials and workmanship are covered for 5 years from the date of purchase.  We don't cover general wear and tear or damage.   Should a problem ever occur on your instrument we will repair or replace it immediately to your satisfaction.  Our customers satisfaction is our key to continued success as a company.  Your happiness is our future!


Will my instrument hold it's value?

•Yes.  When it's time to move up to a better model we guarantee you will not loose out: we offer 100% of the original purchase price in part exchange against your new Hanson clarinet upgrade.  To qualify your instrument must be in reasonable condition;  we expect wear and tear, after-all your instrument is supposed to be getting played,  but the instrument must have been serviced by us annually (servicing is free of charge anyway for 5 years!).  If an instrument has been clearly neglected or sustained severe damage or abuse we reserve the right to accept the instrument for 100% part exchange.  Please be reassured that our objective is to retain customers and have the whole world playing Hanson!  To date we have NEVER refused an instrument for 100% part exchange upgrade.  We look after our customers.

Can we visit the workshop?

•Of course!  Visitors are welcome to come and see what we do, have the manufacture process explained, try instruments and drink our tea.  We don’t have swanky showrooms so be prepared for a proper workshop with machines and blow torches rather than soft sofas and a sound proof testing booth.

My teacher says I should buy a Buffet / Yamaha / Selmer / whatever.  Why should I buy a Hanson?

•Your teacher has probably seen a Buffet / Yamaha / Selmer / whatever  (they probably play a professional model of their preferred brand) but has your teacher ever seen one of our clarinets?   No?  Well perhaps they have but aren’t aware of it.  We make instruments for several other well known brands and are one of Europes largest suppliers of clarinets.  We have excellent products and a commitment to quality.  Our clarinets are higher specification and often lower priced than our competitors precisely because we are not as well known.  Hanson clarinets are well made, look good, feel right and sound superb so why pay more and get less?  Finally, don't forget that we offer a 100% refund customer satisfaction policy (which is something you'll never see from the 'big brands').

Why not order a Hanson clarinet and then let your teacher decide!


My local music shop / dealer says we should buy a Buffet / Yamaha etc. etc.  Who's giving me the best advice here??!!

Well, lets be frank about this... we're all biased;  The dealer has stock they need to sell;  we want to sell our own brand, the teachers like what they know (and sometimes have a favourite dealer).  If you've read this far down the FAQ then you're interested in our instruments; Good.  If you want to buy one of our instruments through your local dealer then you can - no problem - we already supply to wholesalers and retailers in 19 countries.  Tell us the name of your preferred dealer and we'll contact them.   They may well thank you for the introduction, and (as long as your local music store agrees) you will receive your instrument at the special prices advertised here on our web site.    If a dealer says that we’re rubbish and tells you mean stories about us and why you should buy one of our instruments then perhaps it’s time to phone us or visit us to see for yourself.


How do you deliver? 

•Deliveries made by Interlink Express and other couriers with online tracking.   See our ‘delivery’ page for more.


When will my clarinet arrive?  

•We offer delivery with a one hour time slot and advise you of despatch and delivery by text message and/or email.    We do our very best to get things to you quickly and efficiently!    See our ‘delivery’ page for more details.


I need my clarinet urgently - can you guarantee next day delivery?

•If you have an urgent order and simply must have next day delivery this is available for an additional charge.   See our ‘delivery’ page for more.   There are limits to what we can do (if you place an order late in the afternoon it may be impossible to get next day service) but we will do all we can to help!


I'm an international customer and my order is urgent - how fast can you ship?

  1. Please allow UP TO 14 days for delivery.  If you need it faster than that please let us know and we'll see what we can do to 'pull out all the stops'.  Next day worldwide delivery is possible to many destinations including New York and most of mainland Europe,  though some more remote international orders may take a little longer,  but usually no more than 3 days even to New Zealand!   See our ‘delivery’ page for more details.


For straight talking answers to any other questions you may have please telephone, send us an e-mail or send a fax.

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