Servicing and repairs

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Frequently asked questions about repairs and servicing

What does  it cost?

Repairs are free.  Parts are free.  Labour is free.  If your instrument has a genuine manufacture fault then we collect and deliver for free too.  If your instrument has been damaged or has 'wear and tear' all we ask you to cover is collection and delivery.

How long does it take?

We complete and return all customer repairs as quickly as possible.  If you need your instrument returned by a specific date please tell us on the service form.  If there is something particularly urgent please call us and check before sending. We will always do our best to accommodate you.

Is there anything you won’t repair free?

Yes.  We don't offer free repairs for anything cosmetic  so if you scratch or dent your instrument or don’t clean it we won't offer to fix it for free.  We don’t cover ‘total loss’ damage; If you accidentally run over it with the car for example we won't be able to fix it for free!  This would be a job for your insurance company, not the repair shop!   We're not being mean spirited by this, just realistic.  Our free repair service is intended to help keep your instrument in good playing order, to help you with common problems that might otherwise cost a lot and take a long time.

What is meant by: “our repair scheme is a goodwill service”?

Our repairs are offered free of charge as goodwill to our customers and this service is discretionary.  Some high street shops that have an 'in house' repairer will also offer such a service in order to look after customers.  However, by offering this service we do not enter in to a contract and if we have any reason to believe that damage has been deliberate or malicious for example then we reserve the right to refuse the service free of charge.

What are your terms and conditions of sale?

Where is the small print?

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The clarinet above doesn’t play.

Can you see the problem?

It doesn’t matter if you can or not because every Hanson clarinet comes with five years free servicing and five years free goodwill repairs* to take care of real life things that do go wrong;  if you bend a key we will fix it for you. Split a pad? We fit you another.  Broken a spring? Don’t worry it’s covered.  Run over by a bus? Hmmm... sorry even we may not be able to fix it, but we will help you deal with your insurers!

*our repair scheme is a ‘goodwill’ service designed to help you.  For full details and terms and conditions please click here.

Incidentally, the clarinet above has very slightly bent centre link key; the top ring keys are not aligning properly with the bottom ring keys which will make the instrument difficult to play.  This (and many other problems) is most likely caused by incorrect assembly.  For help on how to put your clarinet together correctly click here: How do I put it together?