With Hanson shopping online is BETTER than the high street.

Home trial available in UK at our discretion.  By special arrangement we may send home trial packs internationally.

Your clarinet will most likely be with you for many years.  Doesn’t it make sense to try it out for more than an hour in a shop with a salesman stood over you????!!!!

Here is how our home trial scheme works:

Pay for one instrument, receive up to three at a time to try out and choose from.

When you order any intermediate or professional instrument we will offer to send you our home trial pack which includes custom barrels and bells and a choice of ligatures and mouthpieces.

Try everything: Test combinations of barrels, instruments and mouthpieces.


                            Choose the set up that is right for you!


  1. Order a home trial pack - no extra cost!

  2. Try out lots of gear.

  3. Have fun!

  4. Choose the right instrument for YOU.

  5. We deliver and collect at your convenience.


trial pack

in flight case.

      Model T6G

   ringless design

reinforced grenadilla

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